Kevin Durant, Quinn Cook roast fans who set off fireworks near Warriors hotel


Have you ever slept through a light earthquake -- or what you considered to be light while everyone around you swears it was higher on the Richter scale? Are you a light sleeper? Or were they just exaggerating?

What about when it comes to fireworks? 

For starters, don't be that person who sets off fireworks when people are trying to sleep. Don't be this group of Toronto Raptors fans who did that near the Warriors' hotel on Wednesday night:

(Warning: NSFW)

Secondly ... do a better job at trying to wake them up. After all, that was the objective, right?

Warriors players Quinn Cook and Kevin Durant weren't having it, as evidenced by their comments in the Instagram post.

"Weak a-- fireworks .. we ain't hear that s--t," Cook wrote.

"Damn I think we were too high up In The sky to hear those," Durant commented.

Not loud enough I guess.

The Raptors will host the Warriors in Game 1 of the Finals beginning Thursday in what hopes to be a series of its own fireworks -- ones that Kevin Durant and Quinn Cook will actually hear. 

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