Kerr: Warriors ‘in great hands' if he needs to step away again


PHOENIX – Upon returning from the All-Star break next week, 30 games will remain on the Warriors’ regular-season schedule. It’s conceivable Steve Kerr won’t coach the team for all 30.

Though Kerr returned to the job Jan. 22 after a 17-week leave of absence to cope with complications after two back surgeries, he already looks forward to the six-day break beginning Thursday.

“I still have symptoms from everything I’ve been dealing with,” Kerr said 90 minutes before the Warriors-Suns game Wednesday night in Phoenix. “I wish everything was clear and gone away. But it’s not, so at times I have to deal with stuff.

“I don’t want to go into detail on all this stuff. But there’s a lot to it in terms of my protocol that I’m going through. So the All-Star break will give me a chance to get through some of that, too.”

Acknowledging that though his back is OK but he continues to experience headaches, Kerr plans a long, therapeutic weekend at his home San Diego in hopes recharging for the final 30 games.

Yet he acknowledges there may be occasions over the final two months when Luke Walton, who served as interim coach through preseason and the first 43 games, will be called upon to handle head coaching duties for the team with the best record (47-4) in the NBA.

“Yeah, but I’m undefeated; he lost four games,” Kerr said, flashing a dash of humor.

“No, it is very comforting to know the team is in great hands.”

Kerr, 50, also credited the players for much of the team’s success this season.

“The players, themselves, have taken a lot of ownership this year,” he said. “They motivate themselves when it’s needed. We’ve been on an incredible run. We’re all in this together. Whether a player is out or a coach is out, we’re still chugging along.”

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