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Kerr unclear whether Warriors' star players will attend minicamp


The Warriors begin their two-week team minicamp next Wednesday, but it sounds like they won't have their full roster.

Attendance is not mandatory, and coach Steve Kerr told The Athletic's Anthony Slater on Tuesday that the franchise does not yet know if Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will be there.

"Not everything is set," he said. "The top consideration is health and safety. Anybody who doesn’t feel comfortable in the bubble has the right to opt out and I respect that.

"This is not exactly preseason preparation. Guys are not going to be competing for jobs. That’s not what this camp is about. It’s about being together, but also with full awareness that there’s a global pandemic and guys have families, pregnancies at home, little kids.

"There’s so much going on. At this point, I’m not exactly sure how many guys we’ll have from the main roster."

Kerr's perspective clearly has changed from early June when he said he "100 percent" expected Steph, Klay and Draymond to participate. Then again, he probably assumed that being participation was not going to be optional.

Furthermore, Golden State general manager Bob Myers definitely needs to adjust his expectations considering what he said in late August.

"We're gonna go into this in-market bubble in a few weeks and watch what our core-four guys look like -- and I'm putting (Andrew) Wiggins in there," he told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami. "What does that even look like? Nobody has seen it. I haven't seen it, you haven't seen it, no coach has seen it, players haven't felt it.

"So in order to kind of move forward, we need to evaluate what we have -- and evaluate what that is. I'd be lying if I knew what it was. I have ideas of what it might be ... we need to see it, and that's why I'm excited about the weeks in September and early October to see some of it."

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So how is Kerr approaching things now?

"Our staff is going in with the mindset of total flexibility," he told Slater. "We don’t have a preseason game that we’re preparing for six days after the start of camp. We don’t have a regular-season opener three weeks after the start of camp. There’s no goal at the end. There’s no date on the calendar that we’re circling. So the motivation is much less clear than it would be in a normal camp.

"With that in mind, we need to maintain flexibility as a staff. Let’s get them together, let’s enjoy each other, let’s do a lot of fun competition on the court and get guys engaged."

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