Kerr pokes fun at Dubs fans with joke about Steph's minutes


The Warriors led the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night by 16 points at the end of the third quarter.

And with Steph Curry and Draymond Green on the bench to open the final period, Golden State actually was able to extend its lead.

With about six minutes remaining, the Warriors' stars walked over to the scorer's table to check back into the game. And after Eric Paschall secured a defensive rebound at the 5:40 mark, Steve Kerr signaled for a timeout to ensure Steph and Draymond would re-enter the fray.

Did Kerr consider not putting either guy back in the game?

"We considered it, but I had heard so much from our fan base the last couple days, I just decided I should really put them back in to keep everybody happy," the coach said with a laugh after the 114-91 win.

Nailed it!

Kerr created headlines after the Warriors' loss Monday night when he was asked if he is tempted to increase Curry's playing time this season.

"Not for me. I'm into the long game,” he told the media. “We're counting on having Steph here for a long time -- many, many years ahead. And I'm not interested in grinding through this season, which is already a very difficult season given the COVID regulations and just the nature of the games themselves -- these eerie, empty stadiums.

“For me, for our organization, we're not throwing Steph out there for 40 minutes to chase wins. We got another game tomorrow. We want Steph to be playing at a high level for many years so we're gonna stay very disciplined and try to keep him at that 34-35-minute mark."

Prior to Tuesday's game, the eight-time NBA champion was asked if he was surprised that Curry's minutes became such a hot topic of conversation.

"Not really. Not in today's world. That's kind of the nature of the beast," he explained. "Everything's going to be amplified because of social media. To be honest, I'm just happy our fans care so much that they're engaged. That's what we want in sports. We want our fans to be really passionate. We ask that of them.

"We try to give them a product that will make them passionate about our team and I think we have a really good ... following and energy with our fan base.

"I'm not going to always make the right, perfect decision or our players aren't always going to make the great play or right play. We're all going to make mistakes. A big part of our job, players, coaches, management is just understanding that the talk and chatter is all part of the process and in the end, it's really a good thing. Better than nobody watching."

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Ain't that the truth.

Hopefully, this narrative isn't thrust into the spotlight again.

But that probably just is wishful thinking.

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