Kerr jokes that Draymond ‘makes up for' low-maintenance Dubs


Draymond Green has quite the presence both on and off the court, as showcased during the Warriors' 112-87 rout of the Dallas Mavericks at Chase Center on Wednesday night.

And as Dub Nation knows, with more fire and personality comes a tendency to attract -- and demand -- more attention. 

In comparison, some of Golden State’s other stars are a bit more low-maintenance, from Klay Thompson and his laid-back demeanor to Andrew Wiggins and his silent-but-deadly approach to the game.

It’s this seemingly no-maintenance attitude that likely makes both Wiggins and Thompson a coach’s dream.

With that being said, Warriors coach Steve Kerr poked fun at his podcasting power forward Green following Golden State's win in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

After Kerr applauded Wiggins for rising to the challenge of stopping Luka Dončić on Wednesday and referred to him as low maintenance, NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke named other players Kerr has given the same label to and asked if she was forgetting anyone.

“No, but Draymond makes up for them,” Kerr said with a laugh. “So it evens out.”

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From Green’s online persona to his on-court antics, the man is as entertaining as NBA players come. 

But low-maintenance? Probably not.

And Dub Nation certainly wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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