Kerr: Draymond's box outs vs Capela ‘amazing,' keeping Rockets off glass ‘a big deal'


On Feb. 15, the league announced that "box outs" would now be tracked as part of the "hustle stats" feature on

Through the first two rounds of the playoffs, Draymond averaged 9.1 per game -- 11th most.

Draymond's box out numbers during the Western Conference Finals:

-Game 1 = 18
-Game 2 = 23
-Game 3 = 10 (surprisingly low)

"His box outs this series have been amazing," Steve Kerr said after practice on Monday. "(Clint) Capela is there every play and Draymond finds a way to box him out and still get his hand on the rebound and either get him himself or direct it to a teammate.

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"Finishing a possession is such a big part of defense. It's not just field goal percentage defense. That's a good indicator but keeping them off the offensive glass is a big deal, too."

Capela averaged 4.1 offensive rebounds against Minnesota and Utah -- which led all players in the playoffs.

Over three games against the Warriors, Capela is averaging 2.7 o-boards.

Here is one example of what Kerr is talking about:

Draymond is not only racking up crazy box-out numbers, but he's also registering a lot of rebounds:

-Game 1 = 9
-Game 2 = 6
-Game 3 = 17

"I don't think you box out like you did 30 years ago," Kerr said. "But in this series I'm seeing a lot of traditional box outs from Draymond because Capela is down on the baseline.

"And as the shot goes up, Draymond's taking him out. He's doing a great job at that."

And as Steve Kerr said after the game on Sunday night:

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