Kerr claims NBA email on carrying a ‘rumor,' situation ‘bizarre'


Who knew an email could be so controversial?

After the Warriors were baffled that Jordan Poole was called for three carrying violations in Golden State’s 116-109 loss to the Miami Heat on Tuesday night, Steve Kerr learned there supposedly was an email sent out regarding officials cracking down on players carrying the basketball.

Still confused, Kerr, Draymond Green and the rest of the team understood the rule but called for consistency in enforcing the violation, given Poole was called for three carrying violations and the entire Miami team was called for one. 

Kerr admitted he didn’t read the email because it was game day and he had other things to focus on. So when the game ended, he checked his email only to find out another appalling surprise. 

“I finally did read the email today and there was nothing in it about carrying violations,” Kerr said on 95.7 The Game’s "Damon and Ratto” on Wednesday. “So I think the whole email thing was just a rumor.” 

While Kerr admitted Poole did carry, his confusion stemmed from seeing “basically the whole league” carry as well but not get the violation. 

Green added that some of the best ball handlers in the league do it, too. 

“The reality of it is NBA players have been carrying the ball for 30 years. And I’m not making a joke,” Kerr said. “I mean Allen Iverson changed the whole game with his crossover move because it was a blatant carry but it was such an incredible move and so fun to watch that he changed the game with it. And everybody started to do it. 

“And now, the hesitation crossover is a staple in the game. Some are more egregious than others, but the bottom line is you might see one carry call every three games. And all of a sudden we get three on one player in one game, including two that aren’t even involved in a play where he’s gaining an advantage. It was very bizarre.” 

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Bizarre, indeed. 

Poole showed his clear frustrations with the officials on Tuesday, sharing a clip to his Instagram story from the early to mid-200s where refs called a soft foul on A.I. 

The Warriors lost their third straight game on Tuesday and will look to bounce back on Thursday vs. the Eastern Conference's last-place team, the Orlando Magic. Their focus likely is less on an email and more on breaking this winless road record this season. 

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