Kendrick Perkins slams Kevin Durant for leaving Thunder for Warriors


A night that was supposed to be about Russell Westbrook turned into a Twitter brawl between two of his former teammates.

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins traded uppercuts and haymakers on the social media platform Thursday night. This back-and-forth was pretty epic, even by NBA Twitter standards. 

The former Warriors superstar jumped into a Twitter exchange between Perkins, and Celtics writer Marc D'Amico and briefly dropped the hammer on his former teammate.

Perk wasn't going to back down, though, and fired back at the two-time NBA Finals MVP.

Holy. Moly.

The whole thing began because Westbrook made his first trip back to Oklahoma City as a member of the Houston Rockets on Thursday and Perkins said he was going to go on ESPN programming and make the case that Westbrook was the best player to ever put on a Thunder jersey.

The case could easily be made that Westbrook meant more to the organization and is the most beloved player in franchise history. After all, he's the one that decided to sign a long-term extension rather than leave as a free agent.

But Durant is one of the best players in NBA history, much higher on the list than Westbrook, thus technically making him the best player to ever put on a Thunder jersey.

But at the moment, the Westbrook-Durant debate isn't the important thing. It's the beef between KD and Perk.

We can't imagine they will be hugging it out the next time they see each other.

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More like slugging it out.

NBA Twitter seriously is the best.

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