JTA says Klay has 'embarrassed' him in Warriors scrimmages


Given his position on the wing for the Warriors, Juan Toscano-Anderson likely has drawn quite a few 1-on-1 matchups in practice against injured star Klay Thompson as the veteran nears his return to the court following a more than two-year absence.

Speaking after Warriors practice on Wednesday, JTA says he has gotten "embarrassed" by Thompson at times in these scrimmages, and that the sharpshooter looks ready to return to action.

"Klay is like that, he is one of those dudes," Toscano-Anderson told reporters. "We scrimmaged like two weeks ago, and I was guarding Klay, and internally I was kind of embarrassed because he was scoring on me, I was like 'man this dude just came off being injured for over a year and he's competing,' so that just goes to say, he looks like he hasn't lost a step, explosive, shooting the ball, a 6'7, 6'8 guy who is strong so I'm really excited to see him back out there, both as a fan and as a teammate."

Few players take as much pride in what they do each and every time they step on the court as JTA does, so it is saying a lot if a player is making him question himself on the defensive end.

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Toscano-Anderson and the Warriors likely will be getting Thompson back in January after many reports indicated the team was targeting somewhere around Christmas Day for Klay's return.

Doing it in practice versus in a live NBA game against live defense is far from the same thing, but all signs point to Thompson looking essentially like the same five-time All-Star we saw before his torn ACL and Achilles injuries.

Hopefully for the Warriors, JTA will be far from the only player Klay embarrasses once he gets himself back on the court.

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