Jackson ‘excited' about Biedrins vs. Kings


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OAKLAND -- Warriors coach Mark Jackson spent 10 minutes talking withcenter Andris Biedrins after the teams shootaround on Tuesday.The talk came one day after Biedrins told reporters that hewould like a bigger role, but that he didnt know whether it was in his controlor not to make that happen.After speaking with Biedrins, Jackson said he is lookingforward to seeing what Biedrins can give him Tuesday night against theSacramento Kings.
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Its clear that were a better team when he plays the wayhes capable of playing, Jackson said of Biedrins. And part of theresponsibility as a coach is to bring that out. But theres also aresponsibility to the individual, and neither one of us are running away fromthat. Im excited to see what he does tonight. Its going to be a greatopportunity.Biedrins playing time has decreased since the beginning ofthe season, and Jackson often leaves him off the floor down the stretch ofgames. For the most part, Biedrins has been playing at the start of each halfand then thats been it.Said Biedrins on Monday: I dont know if its in my control(more playing time). Hes the head coach and he makes all the decisions.Ihave to do what hes telling us to do. Would I like it? Yes. And if he tells meto do it, Ill do it.Jackson said he had a great conversation with Biedrins,and he thinks Biedrins speaking to reporters on Monday might be a good thing inthe long run.Sometimes just a conversationand I think even in doingthe interview for him -- sometimes youre releasing things just by saying it,Jackson said. And youre raising the stakes also. Because its awfully comfortablesometimes when you can hide and nobody pays attention to what youre doing,whether it be good or bad. But I just had to let him know that I believed inhim. Nothing against him, I think hes more than capable of doing what I ask ofhim and I think he feels the same way.

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