Ja doubles down on palming violation vs. Dubs in Game 2


Ja Morant is doubling down on a controversial no-call during the Memphis Grizzlies’ defeat of the Warriors in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals

After the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report indicated that the Grizzlies star should have been called for palming the ball on Tuesday night at FedExForum, Morant took to social media on Thursday and implied the violation is commonplace in the league.

Morant’s post came in response to a tweet that said he dribbles like every other player in the NBA, with the 2022 Most Improved Player Award winner noting “everybody does it.”

Morant palmed the ball with just 30.7 seconds left in the game and Memphis leading 101-100. Had the play been called correctly, it could have changed the outcome of the game’s pivotal final moments.

The Last Two Minute Report stated that during the play, “Morant (MEM) places his hand completely under the ball and brings it to a pause during his drive to the basket.”


It worked to his advantage, allowing Morant to create space and drop a short push shot over Andrew Wiggins to give Memphis a three-point lead.

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After the missed call on Morant, Klay Thompson was called for traveling on the Warriors’ next possession -- the final nail in the coffin of Golden State’s 106-101 loss

Had the refs caught the palming violation, it would have been the Warriors’ ball with 30 seconds left in a one-point game.

But hey, everyone does it.

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