Iguodala's classic message to Steph after return to Warriors


After months of speculation, Warriors fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that Andre Iguodala has announced his intent to return to Golden State for one last season.

In announcing his final season -- his 19th in the NBA -- Iguodala, a four-time NBA champion and 2015 NBA Finals MVP, shared that part of the reason he's still playing is for Steph Curry and to make sure Curry's prime years weren't wasted. 

What's more, Iguodala had a classic message for the Warriors star regarding the 2022-23 season.

"So I'm like 'Alright,' " Iguodala told his "Point Forward" co-host Evan Turner. "Then [Steph's] like, 'Nope, we're going to need you back for another one' and I'm like 'I'm letting you know now Steph, this is the last one.' "

After winning his fourth title, Iguodala revealed to Turner that he had been essentially retired for most of the summer.

Turner then explained that he would get texts from Iguodala about how the 38-year-old felt on certain mornings and what the effects of playing 18 seasons in the NBA were having on him. 

Still, Turner made it a point that if Curry reached out to Iguodala, he should pay attention.

"I know I told you to forget everything but you might have to come back if buddy calls you, seriously," Turner told a nodding Iguodala.

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With Iguodala firmly back in the fold, the Warriors are ready to head into the season in full force.

Regardless of how the season unfolds, it's sure to be one to remember for Iguodala, the Warriors, and the fans.

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