‘I thought it was bad' — Bob Myers takes you inside training room for Klay's knee evaluation


Klay Thompson sustained a strained left knee on Tuesday night.

He checked out of the game with 10:16 left in the second quarter, and returned at the 6:06 mark.

On Wednesday afternoon, Warriors GM Bob Myers joined Greg Papa and Bonta Hill on 95.7 The Game and provided the following update on the four-time All-Star:

"He was a little sore today ... flying is not good for injuries ... he just doesn't get hurt. He's one of those guys. You could tell. I looked at Kirk (Lacob) and I said, 'He's hurt. Klay's hurt.'

"And if you were watching him try to run up and down, I thought it was bad. I was thinking meniscus or something. So then when he got back to the locker room, you can always kind of gauge a player's concern by their mannerisms. And he just threw a towel over his face and laid down on the training table. And that's not a good sign. 

"And then slowly the doctor goes through the progressions ... he passed all those function tests. And Klay couldn't pinpoint where the pain was ... he said it just hurts when (he) runs ... so then we went out in the back of the training room and he tried to run. And our trainer Chelsea free'd it up and it turned out to be a little more of a muscle thing, which was good news. But it was a tweak.

"It's funny -- Klay ran up and down twice and said, 'I'm good.' And just started walking back to the court. I think he's gonna be OK."

Klay only scored 10 points and went 4-for-13 from the field.

He dropped 28 points in Game 1, but has only registered a combined 31 points since.

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