How Steph's friend epically trolled star with ‘night night' move

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Steph Curry's iconic "night night" celebration took the world by storm during and after the Warriors' 2022 NBA Finals run, with athletes of all ages using the finishing move on their opponents in their biggest sports moments.

Whether it was WNBA stars, international soccer phenoms or children playing on their youth basketball teams, the gesture was everywhere -- and it even followed Curry to the golf course.

NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke and Monte Poole interviewed Curry on the latest episode of "Dubs Talk," and Burke asked the Warriors star the strangest place a fan -- or anyone, for that matter -- hit him with the "night night."

"This guy I was playing golf with about a week after the Finals. I've known him for a while but I didn't know he was an actual Celtics fan until this day and this story I'm about to tell," Curry told Burke and Poole. "But basically, we got through 17 holes and I was winning the bet on the hole and throughout the round, and we got to the 18th hole and we basically did a double-or-nothing bet, and he had, like, a 15-footer for par to win the hole -- and he made it.

"And as I was reacting to the putt, I look up over at him, and he's dropped his putter and he's doing the 'night night' on the 18th green in my group. And that's when I found out he was a Boston fan that was kind of scorned at the moment, but he had his last laugh on the golf course."

Understandably, Curry's unnamed friend and apparent Boston Celtics fan still was recovering from the Warriors' finals win. And he found the perfect way to get his vengeance.

But the reigning NBA Finals MVP was unbothered.

"You let him get away with that, just let him have that moment?" Poole asked Curry.

"Oh, for sure," Curry replied. "Because he can have the golf bet as long as I've got the Larry O'Brien. We're cool."

Bets aside, Curry is amazed at how his epic celebration swept the globe. It was fun to watch, he told Burke and Poole, especially as he basked in the glory of his fourth NBA title in eight seasons.

"I don't know if it still is [as popular]. I might have to try and tap in on that and see how the night night's going," Curry said. "But it was a pretty amazing moment to know you win the Finals and you have such a connection with people that were locked in on what you were doing, and the accomplishment of getting the job done with a little bit of style and some fun."

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As the Warriors make a push toward the 2023 NBA playoffs, there's no telling what Curry could come up with next if he catches fire on the court in the postseason. 

But there's no doubt the "night night" will live on for years to come -- whether through Curry or the rest of the sports world.

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