Draymond refused to take Brooks' ‘bait' in face-to-face incident


If there's one player who can cause Draymond Green to get a technical foul, it's Draymond Green himself. Dillon Brooks attempted to bait the Warriors forward, but to no avail in Golden State's 131-110 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Thursday at FedExForum. 

Hook, line and ... no sinker. 

Brooks and Green have been taking shots at one another over the past week, with Brooks firing the first shot in an interview with ESPN and Green responding Wednesday on the latest episode of his podcast. This all preceded another fiery Warriors-Grizzlies matchup that included a face-to-face incident between the two players and a response from Brooks. 

Speaking to reporters after the game, Green was asked about his on-court incident with Brooks and explained why he wouldn't let himself fall for the young forward's tricks. 

"He thought he would bait me, like he gets baited," Green said. "I get technical fouls when I want to get a technical foul," Green said. "I don't get baited into technical fouls. So I think that's probably the difference between me and him. If I do that to him it would be a double tech, because he'd respond. But it's not a double tech because I didn't respond. So one of us are bait-able, one of us aren't. And that's just kind of how it goes."

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Green, who currently has 15 technical fouls on the season, is one away from a one-game suspension. On the other side of the court, Brooks leads the NBA with 16 techs and already served a one-game suspension in Memphis' loss to the Los Angeles Clippers last Sunday. 

In a battle between two of the game's fiercest competitors, Green might have won the chess match, but Brooks and the Grizzlies won the actual basketball game. 

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