Draymond perfectly trolls Celtics' Brown amid tweet storm


You had a feeling it was coming.

After Draymond Green faced widespread criticism during an up-and-down NBA Finals, including most notably from his own mother, you had a feeling that like Klay Thompson, the Warriors’ vocal leader would come to collect receipts after winning a fourth title.

And Green did not disappoint.

He went off on his Twitter timeline, most comically calling out Jaylen Brown for his “energy” tweet from January.

Other highlights included crushing Skip Bayless, the morning roaster that lived alone on the island of disrespecting Steph Curry, arriving in all black to the Celtics’ “funeral,” and mock disappointment for not hitting the $1 million mark in career fines.

And some other gems.

Whether you love or hate the Draymond Green experience, he’ll always be entertaining and have a unique point of view that can’t be ignored.

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