Draymond Green tells you why referees are ‘ruining the game' — it's personal


Draymond Green and NBA referees are not best friends. That's clear pretty much every Warriors game. 

The fiery Green believes there's two sides to this story and referees have taken it way too far in what he calls a toxic situation. 

“It's bad,” Green told Anthony Slater of The Athletic on Saturday. “It's horrible. It's really bad. I don't know why it is. But I think it's ridiculous.

"It's ruining the game. It should be one of, if not the main priority, to be solved. It definitely should."

Green leads the NBA with 11 technical fouls this season. There's no doubt he is one of the most animated players in the league, but Green believes there's now a bias from refs each game against him.

“A lot of it is personal,” Green says. "When you give someone so much authority and they make it me against you, you can't overcome that."

If he gets to 16 technical fouls this year, Green will be suspended for one game. Green toed the line last season with 15 and has 57 for his career. 

So, what does the Warriors' All-Star forward believe is the solution? A new start with new referees. 

“They can get a new crop (of referees), a whole new crop,” Green said. “Too many personal things going on. Too much me against you. It just don't work that way.”

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