Draymond Green tells all on Kevin Durant leaving Warriors for Nets


It's a moment that will never go away. Only those involved can know the kind of impact it had on the Warriors. When Draymond Green and Kevin Durant were seen feuding on the bench in a November game against the Los Angeles Clippers, the internet went wild. 

And for good reason. 

These are two of the biggest basketball stars on the planet, playing for the most watched team in the country. Green crossed the line, too, sources told NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole.

Months later, however, Durant -- who left the Warriors for the Nets this summer in free agency -- and Green seem to have moved past the incident. 

"I actually talked to K yesterday," Green said to ESPN's Rachel Nichols in an interview that aired Wednesday on "The Jump." "That's my brother. If someone would have told me, 'Man, Kevin Durant's gonna come to the Warriors and you guys are going to win two championships and then have a shot at winning a third, would you take that?' In a heartbeat. That was a major success." 

Once Durant decided to leave Golden State for Brooklyn on the first day of free agency, Green felt no ill will towards his former teammate. He also had no idea which way Durant would lean with his decision. 

"I found out that he was picking Brooklyn when everybody else found out, which is exactly how it should be," Green said. 

"He don't owe it to me to tell me before everybody else," Draymond continued. "We did what we had to do. The thing that people forget about in this league is this is our lives. I'm not about to go to Kevin Durant and say, 'Hey Kevin, can I get my fiancé pregnant?' But that's my life. I'm sorry but that's my life. 

"Am I supposed to come to you and A) Let you know that that's what I wanna do? Or B) Ask you for permission? No. So I found out when everybody else found out, which is exactly how it should be." 

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The duo won two championships together as Warriors and created plenty more headlines. It's safe to say the headlines won't stop, and neither will each other's quest for another ring.

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