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Draymond downplays Klay unfollowing Warriors on social media

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Draymond Green doesn't appear too concerned about his longtime Warriors teammate's social media activity.

On the latest episode of "The Draymond Green Show," the Warriors forward reacted to the "news" that Klay Thompson had unfollowed the Warriors' team account on Instagram and appeared to archive many of his posts involving Golden State, sending Dub Nation into a frenzy weeks before Thompson is expected to test NBA free agency.

"I know all of you were probably looking forward to me talking about Klay unfollowing the Warriors, deleting some IG posts or something," Green said. "I had no idea that happened. I think it's f--king hilarious. Just so y'all know I laughed when [his producer Jackson's] like, 'What about Klay?' and I'm like, 'What happened?' and he's like, 'He unfollowed the Warriors.'

"I think that's comical. I know you all want somebody's feelings to be hurt or something. It ain't that, ain't never going to be that. That's hilarious."

Star athletes unfollowing their team and/or temporarily removing posts from social media is a pretty common tactic among free-agent/disgruntled players today.

It oftentimes is much ado about nothing as athletes try to gain as much leverage in contract negotiations as they can, but it usually sends fans into a frenzy as a potential sign the player is preparing for a departure.

However, Thompson is a free agent and there is a very realistic possibility the four-time champion has played his final game with the Warriors.

But in Green's eyes, his teammate's social media activity is not indicative of which way Thompson is leaning.

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