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Draymond claps back at Nurkić after Suns swept by T-Wolves

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Draymond Green put a stamp on his beef with Jusuf Nurkić.

After the Warriors were eliminated in the NBA Play-In Tournament by the Sacramento Kings, Nurkić took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to talk smack, thinking he cooked Green:

However, with Nurkić's Phoenix Suns being swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the NBA playoffs on Sunday, Green was able to get his revenge to end their 2023-24 NBA season rivalry, letting the now-eliminated center hear it on the latest episode of the “Draymond Green Show.”

“Unfortunately, that is all, folks,” Green said. “Yeah, that is all, folks.

“Yeah, you got to be really careful when you’re not that successful and you try to take jabs at people when you don’t play a large enough role in your team’s success [and] when you can’t really affect the outcome of the game. Like, you can go have 20 rebounds and lose a game. When you really don’t affect the outcome of the game, it’s really tough to take jabs at people because you got a jab in there and, like, you can’t affect what your end result is.

“So, yeah. The big softie bowed out.”

Green’s beef with Nurkić stems from December, when the Warrior rang the Suns' bell.

Green was dealt an indefinite suspension from the NBA office that sidelined him for 12 games, and the two would exchange words via social media and the court for the rest of the season.

Most notably, Nurkić said, “That brother needs help,” to which Green would later call him a “coward.”

Nevertheless, Green undoubtedly won his feud with the Suns' big man. And in case Green needed backup -- which he didn’t -- all of Dub Nation collaborated with NBA Twitter to clown Nurkić about the “That’s all, folks,” Looney Tunes gif. 

Sure, Green and Nurkić might both watch the playoffs unfold from Cancún. 

The difference between them, though, is that Green has four NBA Championships with Golden State under his belt, whereas Nurkić now holds the worst playoff win percentage (.150) in NBA history after falling to 3-17.

And yes, Green took note of that, too, in an Instagram story post.

When Green says “That’s all, folks," -- he means it.

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