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Draymond, son DJ share wholesome moment at Champions League Final

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From one sports network broadcast to another -- Warriors star forward Draymond Green can't escape the TV screen.

Green took his young son, Draymond Jamal Jr., or "DJ," to the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday at Wembley Stadium in London, England. It was the first time attending a Champions League match for both.

The father-son duo joined the CBS Sports pregame broadcast ahead of Real Madrid facing off against Borussia Dortmund. DJ -- a big soccer fan -- predicted Real Madrid would come out on top, and hours later, his prediction rang true.

The younger Green was gifted a special honor at the end.

"He actually loves the sport," Green said on the broadcast. "We haven't had the opportunity to come see these games. We [the Warriors] have been playing during these times.

"So having the opportunity to bring my son out here is one I wouldn't pass up."

After Green caught up with the CBS crew, DJ was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as he was able to touch the Champions League trophy.

Before letting the Greens go, Draymond, who has proven plenty on the basketball court as a four-time NBA champion with the Warriors, was asked about his soccer skills.

"I'm not very good at all," Green confessed. "It's a finesse thing. I'm more of a power and try to get the thing done, and it's the finesse. I'm not great at all."

If you ask DJ, though -- aka his dad's biggest fan -- he had a different response.

"Yes," DJ said when asked if his dad is good at soccer.

Draymond, for now, is good sticking to basketball.

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