Draymond Green blasts Charles Barkley, threatens to ‘take his job'


Warriors forward Draymond Green and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley don't exactly love each other.

The latest escalation of words came after Golden State's practice Friday afternoon.

"Barkley should stop (talking about me) before I go take his job, though," Draymond told reporters. "Because I can do that well, too. He needs that job so he should stop talking (about) me.

"I have a tendency to end people, so he should stop before I take his job. If he keeps talking, I'll take it soon. Sooner than he thinks. So he probably should be quiet.

"He also can't talk basketball with me. Not smart enough, not qualified, no rings -- can't sit at this table."

Holy moly. Turn up the heat!

After Draymond was ejected midway through the second quarter in last week's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Barkley ripped the three-time NBA champion.

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"He had his normal triple-single," Barkley said on TNT. "He talks all that stuff when he's got them other boys with him. Now he's out there and gotta fight for himself and he just don't wanna play. 

"Give me a break. Y'all better quit tellin' me you can play and who can't play. I know who can play."

The Warriors-Clippers game next Tuesday is on TNT, so Barkley might get a chance to respond that night.

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