Draymond Green accepts blame for Kevin Durant blow-up with Warriors


You all remember what happened on Nov. 12, 2018 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

At the end of regulation and just before overtime, now former teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant got into a verbal altercation on the Warriors' bench.

Golden State ultimately suspended Draymond (without pay) for one game, and everybody in the basketball world talked about the incident for weeks, if not longer.

Green and Warriors general manager Bob Myers were recently guests on "The Woj Pod" with ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, and Myers asked Draymond how he feels today about what happened over 11 months ago.

"I just had to accept the fact that I was wrong," the three-time NBA champion said. "And once I was able to get over my stubbornness and accept the fact that I was wrong, I was able to move on. I had to just have a deep talk with myself, like 'You were wrong.'

"What they (the Warriors) did was actually the right thing. Do I think it could have been handled better? I think there were other ways to handle it. But nonetheless, something had to happen."

Myers then offered his perspective.

"When Steve [Kerr] and I sat with Draymond, the hardest part was thinking what he just said. He thinks he doesn't know me and that I've changed. We do know each other pretty well. And I could see his wheels turning like, 'Oh really? You're done with me, too?' And we didn't talk. He wouldn't speak to me.

"The only way I can go to bed after that decision was I thought what we did was right. Whatever the hell happens after that ... whatever lands on you lands on you."

Draymond then shifted the conversation to his relationship with KD.

"The thing that bothered me most was I lost his trust,"Green said. "How do I get that back? Not so we can win a championship or we can win some games -- but I actually loved this guy, that's really my brother. And so not knowing what's next in our relationship bothered me way more.

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"Bob and Steve they told me, 'You need to apologize to Kevin,' before I got suspended. And I said, 'No, I'm not apologizing because y'all telling me to apologize. I'm not gonna do that.' And I didn't.

"And I never apologized to him until I came to grips with myself. I could kind of see a look in my brother's face that I have not seen. He's hurt. How do I fix that? And that was what bothered me more than anything."

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