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Dray lauds Myers, Kerr for dealing with ‘self-inflicted' wounds

Draymond Green appreciates how Bob Myers and Steve Kerr have put up with him over the years.

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As Draymond Green wrapped up the latest episode of his podcast, he took a minute to show love to the man who made him a Warrior over a decade ago. 

Bob Myers, who selected Green with the No. 35 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, announced last week that he was stepping down from his role as Warriors general manager and president of basketball operations. 

After 11 seasons together -- nine playoff appearances, six trips to the NBA Finals and four titles -- there have been plenty of highs for Green, Myers and the Warriors but a fair share of lows, too. Green, 33, looked back at it all and is very appreciative for the ride. 

“Before we get out of here, due to my love for him and I know your love for him, I’d be remiss if we got on here and we didn’t mention Bob Myers,” Green said on “The Draymond Green Show” with Warriors coach Steve Kerr as a special guest. “I know what he’s meant to me and my career. I was having a conversation today with someone and I start talking about some of the things that I’ve gone through as a player, you know all the s--t that I’ve caused myself. It’s self-inflicted wounds that I’ve had over the course of your tenure here, us being together and we were speaking about it and he was like, ‘Man, I forgot all of that s--t, you’ve done a lot of s--t.’ 

“Trust me, not for one second do I go home and not think these guys have had my back. You, Bob, through things that I’ve gone through, I mean the camera caught you one time, ‘I’m sick of Draymond’s s--t,’ and I was like, ‘That sucks, I can’t believe he said that.’ And I had to take a step back like, ‘I’d be sick of Draymond’s shit too.’ But I understand what you’ve done for me and I understand what Bob’s done for me and what you guys have meant to my life and my career.” 

Myers, 48, was hired by the Warriors as an assistant general manager in 2011. The following year, he was promoted to general manager. One of his first moves was drafting Green.

He was named NBA Executive of the Year twice in his 11-year tenure but prides himself and his work on the relationships he built over the years. He and Green had a relationship beyond basketball. There are endless stories about the times Myers would calm -- or try to calm -- Green during the heat of an intense game.

"The players, what can you say? They're the reason why I loved it so much," Myers said during a press conference last week. "They're the reason for the success. ... You know, some people say the GMs shouldn't be -- don't get close to the players. You might have to cut them, or you might get emotional and not pay them or pay them or whatever it is.

"I kind of push back and go, what is the point of any job if you don't like and build relationships with who you go to work with? What is the point. Some would say to win. OK. But who are you doing that with, and what happens after that?"

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Green and Kerr had their disagreements, too. But it was never a question when it came to Green. Myers, and Kerr, knew the value he brought both on and off the court, regardless of his occasional cinematic dramatics. 

With Myers' tenure set to end at the end of this month, it's the end of a chapter for Golden State. But Green always will be appreciative to have been a part of the story. 

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