Drake guarantees Raptors will advance to NBA Finals to face Warriors


The Raptors are going to the NBA Finals. Well, not quite yet. 

They still need one more win to eliminate the Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals. But don't tell Drake that.

Yep, Drake guaranteed his Raptors would secure their first NBA Finals berth in the aftermath of their Game 5 victory Thursday night. 

It's not like Toronto has a long history of choking in the playoffs with the pressure on the line, or anything like that. Nope. None.


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If the Raptors do in fact advance to face the Warriors in the Finals, Draymond Green isn't too concerned about the presence of Toronto's unofficial mascot.

"Drake can't shoot. Nor can he pass," Green told reporters Thursday. "You ever seen Drake play basketball?"

He might not be able to shoot or pass, but Drake clearly isn't afraid to tempt fate.

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