Doctor provides scenarios for Iguodala's recovery timeline


The Warriors will be without Andre Iguodala for the foreseeable future. Exactly how long will the veteran forward be sidelined? That remains to be seen. 

After news broke of Iguodala's fractured left wrist and scheduled surgery for next week, Stanford Medicine's Dr. Amy Ladd spoke with NBC Sports Bay Area, where she provided the best- and worst-case scenarios for Iguodala's recovery timeline. 

"I think the best-case scenario would be a few weeks of immobilization or protected motion," Ladd said. "And when the wrist is strong enough in the motion is good enough to proceed with practice. I think a bare minimum would be three-to-six weeks.

"The worst-case scenario is if there's a fracture that goes into the joint. So if it's a radius fracture that goes into the joint, it requires longer rehabilitation for just healing. The bone healing and the ligaments healing. That could be three-to-six months. If the scaphoid -- the small bone in the wrist -- is injured, sometimes those can be really problematic as far as their healing goes. It could be three, six months, even up to a year."

With three-plus weeks remaining in the regular season, Iguodala likely will not be able to return before the start of the NBA Playoffs on April 15. 

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If Iguodala's recovery fits within the three-to-six-week best-case scenario timeline outlined by Dr. Ladd, the 19-year veteran could have a chance to return in the playoffs with a chance to help the Warriors defend their title

If not, then Iguodala, who previously announced that the 2022-23 season would be his last, would have an unfortunate end to his career. 

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