Did Jerry West rule out drafting Andre Drummond?


Jerry West has beenaround the NBA too long to go onto a sports talk show and tell everyone whichplayer the Warriors will draft with the No. 7 pick on Thursday.Then again, thething about West isyou ask him a question and youre going to get an answer.Hes direct and hes forthright, and hes not big on skirting issues.Its why your earshad to perk up when he had this to say about what the Warriors are thinking oneday before the draft.We dont want a player youre going tohave to wait on for two years, West said on Chronicle Live. We want someonewho can play right away.RELATED: Steinmetz's comprehensive draft coverage
That would seem tosuggest the Warriors wont be drafting 18-year-old center, and noted project,Andre Drummond. Many believe Drummond, who played one year at Connecticut, willbe available when the Warriors pick.But hes ahigh-risk, high-reward player and it just doesnt seem like West is a big fanof going in that direction. Not at this time, anyway, for the Warriors.Here, we needsomeone who can play right away, provide something we dont have, West said.But more importantly, be a valuable asset going forward.So, who is thatplayer?Well, if you listento what West has to say on that subject, maybe you get the sense theyre tryingto move up to get Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or go with Dion Waiters at No. 7, ormaybe move back to get a player such as Moe Harkless.Were readingbetween the lines here, but hey, thats what you do at this time ofyear.Let me tell you something,the most difficult players to find are dirty-work players, West said. And Idont mean that in the sense of beating people up. I mean that every singlenight you know theyre going to compete.One of the things,I think, this team really lacks is toughness. This year were going to get sometoughness.That doesn't sound like a smoke screen. We'll find out Thursday.

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