Dell Curry admits it's hard to watch Steph, Seth battle in West finals


The Curry family will be at the center of the basketball world during the Western Conference finals.

Dell and Sonya Curry, the parents of Warriors star Steph Curry and Portland Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry, appeared to be enjoying themselves during Game 1 of the all-Curry conference finals on Tuesday, a 116-94 win for Golden State at Oracle Arena.

But for Dell, watching his two sons vie for the right to play in the NBA Finals isn't as fun as it might seem. 

"It's hard for us," Dell told The Oregonian's John Canzano.

Dell and Sonya flipped a coin to decide which team they would each cheer for prior to Game 1, and they will do before each game of the series.

While the Currys smiled and laughed prior to tip-off, Dell was stoic for much of the game. After all, he's watched Steph and Seth play against each other all their lives.

Growing up, the patriarch of the Curry family admits the brotherly rivalry helped both Steph and Seth.

“They’re brothers, who played the same sport," he said. “It’s good competitive spirit. But a lot of times I had to go out and settle the battles. It was always good. They were good sports, but they were still playing against each other.

“They did make each other better -- no question.”

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The Warriors were the better team in Game 1, as Steph poured in 36 points, including nine 3-pointers, to lead the Warriors to a one-game-to-zero series lead. 

During the series, Dell and Sonya will face a problem almost as severe as the Blazers will when trying to defend Steph -- cheering without picking one son over the other.

“We’re not rooting for either one wholeheartedly,” Dell said. "We’re rooting for both to play well, but you can’t root for one team over the other.

“It’s hard for us. We don’t know how we’re going to do that without showing favoritism.”

If the Blazers don't find an answer for Curry soon, Dell and Sonya won't have to worry about their allegiances much longer.

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