Curry's personal trainer: ‘Those are the two things we're looking for' in return to game action


In case you haven't been paying attention:

Steph Curry will play in Game 2 tonight against the Pelicans.

The Warriors officially made the announcement on Tuesday morning:

On Monday afternoon, Curry's personal trainer -- Brandon Payne -- joined Greg Papa and Bonta Hill on 95.7 The Game to discuss Curry's health.

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"In terms of what he's doing in workouts and scrimmages -- he's looked very good ... he's balanced. You wouldn't know that he was hurt if you weren't aware of it beforehand.

"But you have to remember that it's not necessarily the workouts or the workload that you use that particular day that tells you where he is. It's really the next day and how he feels the next morning as the workload is increased ... it's all about how he feels the next day.

"So as he's going through this process of coming back, and even as he starts to play in games, it's still gonna be a feeling out process. 'OK, I played x amount of minutes last night, how do I feel this morning?'

"And then they're gonna have to formulate a recovery regimen from game to game to make sure that he's back to feeling completely normal by the next game."

Games 3 and 4 are on Friday and Sunday respectively.

Curry has not played in a game since March 23.

And that night, he was playing for the first time since March 8.

He may be a little rusty.

"The two things that he needs to be on the floor when he gets out there -- confident and comfortable," Payne declared. "Those are the two things we're looking for. If he's got those two things, then he's gonna be perfectly fine.

"Then it just becomes a little bit of conditioning. He's the type of guy, it does not take very long for him to get back in shape."

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