Chase Center tour: Get an inside view of Warriors' brand-new home arena


Welcome to Chase Center. 

The media had access to the Warriors' new arena in San Francisco on Monday, and it was quite the experience. All the upgrades from Oracle Arena to Chase Center were on full display. 

Fans won't even need a ticket inside to have a great view of the game, too. 

When entering Chase Center, there's one thing you can't miss -- the scoreboard. Check out this monster from every angle. 

And if you can afford it, there's sure to be plenty of food options as well. 

While the Warriors are moving to San Francisco with the opening of Chase Center, the franchise made sure to display their Oakland roots. 

Oh, and their former two-time NBA Finals MVP will be on display, even though he now plays for the Brooklyn Nets, 

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Chase Center will bring a new era of Warriors basketball. What exactly that entails can't be known quite yet.

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