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Casspi expects Steph, Klay and Draymond to ‘push' Wiggins


Omri Casspi spent 53 games as a teammate of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green with the Warriors in 2017-18, so he can speak to the benefits of playing alongside such a talented trio. And just as he found life easier while playing with the foundational members of Golden State's recent dynasty, so too will Andrew Wiggins -- at least, that's what Casspi believes.

"Yeah, absolutely," Casspi said on this week's episode of the "Runnin' Plays" podcast when asked if Wiggins is a good fit with the three multi-time All-Stars. "Absolutely. He's got the right guys around him. They're going to push him, and he's going to be pushed. It's probably the first time in his career that he's not the most talented player on the court or on his team. Maybe when he was with Minnesota, maybe Karl-Anthony Towns was just as talented. But now, you've got Steph.

"They're playing every night, they're showing up to work, fans are coming to watch them, so you better step up. And I think that's going to push him. And I think Draymond, in his own way, is going to push him. And he's going to see what greatness is about, what winning championships is about, what winning consistently is about."

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While Curry, Thompson and Green are known quantities, Wiggins currently is the Warriors' biggest question mark heading into next season. He played well in a brief stint with Golden State last season before it was prematurely ended by the COVID-19 pandemic, and if he can continue to build on that, the Warriors' ceiling will be raised -- perhaps considerably so.

On the other hand, if Wiggins doesn't take a step (or two) forward next season, the Warriors might find themselves unable to climb into the category of legitimate title contenders. Casspi clearly believes, however, that Golden State has the right group of superstars around him to ensure that he does.

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