Bogut says he may miss preseason games


Warriors center Andrew Bogut, who is returning aftersustaining a season-ending ankle injury in 2011-12, left open the possibilityon Sunday that he might not play in some of the Warriors preseason games comeOctober.But Bogut insisted that his rehabilitation is on track andthat he expects to be 100 percent by the time the Warriors play their 2012-13regular-season opener on Oct. 31 against the Suns in Phoenix.Thats my goal, Bogut said when asked if he thought hedbe fully back by the Phoenix game. I definitely want to be ready for trainingcamp, and I think it will be close. But I think Ill definitely be ready forthe first game. So the immediate goal with all of this is to be ready for thefirst game, whether that means only playing in only half the preseason games orwhatever or just being smart.Its about being smart with my ankle. Theres no point intrying to get ready for October 1st, when another week mightsignificantly help. Im trying to get ready for camp, but my main goal is to be110 percent for the first game of the season.STEINMETZ: Warriors 2012-2013 outlook: Issue No. 1 -- Bogut's health
Bogut, who started last season on the Milwaukee Bucks,fractured his left ankle on Jan. 25, and missed the remainder of the season. Heplayed in only 12 of 66 games, the fourth consecutive season he has missed timebecause of injury.The Warriors acquired Bogut in mid-March in a deal thatincluded Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh.Warriors general manager Bob Myers had indicated earlierthis offseason that Bogut would likely be 100 percent by the start of trainingcamp. But it seems unlikely Bogut will participate in all of training camp,particularly early on.Then again, its doubtful Bogut would have participated inall aspects of training camp even if he were weeks ahead of where he isnow.Obviously thats going to involve two-a-days, Bogut saidof those first practices. So, lets say I have a great session in the morningand the ankle pulls up a little sore. Weve got to be smart in early October.Theres no point in trying to be a hero and pushing myself and having asetback.Throughout this process weve been very cautious and Iexpect to do the same throughout training camp. Hey, if I get through a sessionor two and feel fine, Ill probably want to go another session. But its amatter of monitoring it very smartly and not doing something stupid.Bogut said he has been running on the treadmill in recentweeks, and he hopes to be cleared for on-court running in a couplefew weeks.Hes been lifting weights and shooting throughout the summereven going backas far as last April when he had his boot on.Bogut had surgery after sustaining the injury, then hadanother procedure in April to clean out debris.Thats still probably hard to speculate since Ive justbeen cleared to start light jogging, Bogut said of when he anticipates being full-speed.Its probably going to be another couple of weeks until I start jogging on thecourt. So hopefully that will still give me enough time to get ready fortraining camp. But I dont anticipate not being ready for the first game.Bogut is currently working out in Australia and plans onreturning to the Bay Area after Labor Day.

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