Bob Myers' good luck charm heading into the lottery


The NBA draft lottery is on Wednesday and you know what that means. Its time to talk good luck charms.Well, heres the story regarding the Warriors and their good luck charm. They think they have a pretty good one right now, but general manager Bob Myers said that hes open to suggestions.The Warriors will head into the draft lottery slotted in the No. 7 spot. They hope very much to remain in that spot or to move up into the top three. If they wind up being leap-froggedand slip to No. 8 or worsethey will have to convey the pick to Utah.So, real quick: If the Warriors get picks Nos. 1 through 7, they keep it; No. 8 or worse, they lose it.The Warriors have a 72 percent chance of keeping their pick; a 28 percent chance of losing it.We have a sponsorship agreement with Cache Creek (Casino resort) and theres a real, live Indian who runs their operation. And someone in our office handed me an Indiana token that they say is good luck. So, well see. But Im open to more suggestions.When asked if he was serious about the token, Myers responded: It is serious. Ill show it to you when I see you. If it works, its even more serious.The Warriors will take any and all draft lottery luck they can get. Theyve been in it 20 times now and moved up only three times. The Warriors could have as many as four total picks in the June 28 draft.In addition to possibly having the No. 7 pick, Golden State also has the No. 30 pick, the No. 36 pick and the No. 52 pick.What will make Myers on-stage appearance at the lottery a little different is that hell actually be finding outwhile sitting among the other representatives on the television setwhether the Warriors will be keeping their pick or not.If so much werent on the line it would be a little easier, Myers said. But its an all-or-nothing situation for us. Certainly I care about our team and our whole group so Im going to be hoping.There will be anxiety and thats natural. And then that will be counterbalanced by the rational thinking which is: Theres nothing I can do about it and what happens will happen. Its kind of a balancing act with my emotions.Chances are, Myers will be squeezing that token pretty hard when deputy commissioner Adam Silver starts opening the envelopes.

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