Bob Myers believes time, health are keys for Warriors to contend again


The Warriors' lost season officially ended Thursday when the NBA's return-to-play plan was approved. In reality, though, Golden State was a winner by not being invited to the party at Walt Disney World. 

This team needs a break, just ask general manager Bob Myers. When asked by NBC Sports Bay Area's Logan Murdock on Monday what the Warriors need to contend once again next season, Myers turned to two factors: Rest and time. 

"I think we need time," Myers said. "We need health, and we need kind of a chemistry that can develop again. We need to insert a few other new guys into that group."

Ideally, Steph Curry should be fully healthy again when the 2020-21 season tentatively begins on Dec. 1 after playing only five games this season due to a fractured hand and becoming ill upon his brief return to the lineup in March. The same goes for Klay Thompson, who sat out of the entire season after tearing his ACL in the 2018 NBA Finals.

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The injury-riddled Warriors were an NBA worst 15-50 when the league paused the season due to the coronavirus. Myers believes the group didn't lose their competitive advantage and should be hungry next season, as players like Curry have stated.

"I don't think the hunger ever left, but we were so good that the truth was that every regular season game didn't hold the same value," Myers said. "And I think we'll be able to get some of those things back, just competing on a nightly basis -- wanting to taste the playoffs again, wanting to taste the type of feeling it is to be in contention for the championship.

"I think once you taste that, you want to do it again." 

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The Warriors should get their stars back and healthy, they have a top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and a  $17.2 million traded player exception to upgrade their roster. Once again, though, Myers believes it all comes down to Golden State healing and finding more chemistry with plenty of new faces. 

"I do think we need a healthy offseason," Myers said. "I do think we need ample time to come together and gel. I think that's something that people that aren't around the game as much don't rate highly enough, the fact that it does take time to develop that type of cohesion and camaraderie. I think we need all that.

"We need to hopefully get the draft right, we need to get some help in free agency and then you throw all that into the pot, mix it all up and hopefully it comes out well."

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