Blazers coach Terry Stotts apologizes for answer to Steph Curry question


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Steph Curry made nine 3-pointers in the Warriors' Game 1 win over the Trail Blazers in the Western Conference finals.

Portland's defensive strategy when Golden State set high ball screens for Curry was ...

... suspect to say the least.

The following back-and-forth transpired during the postgame press conferences:

Anthony Slater of The Athletic: "Houston had some success trapping Steph and really getting out on him. Is is sustainable for you guys to keep dropping the big so far off of him?"

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts: "I can't remember. When he had 33 in the second half, were they trapping him then?"

The Athletic: "Yes."

Stotts: "And he scored 33 in the second half?"

The Athletic: "Yeah."

Stotts: "OK. Yeah, we'll look at that."

After the Blazers' practice on Wednesday, Stotts apologized to Slater.

He also acknowledged that Portland might be making some adjustments for Game 2 on Thursday night.

"(Curry) had 20 pick-and-rolls and he scored five times on them, but they were all 3s. I think we have to re-think it, but we were down six going into the fourth quarter and Steph had one basket in the fourth quarter.

"They scored 39 in the fourth quarter without him scoring one basketball in the pick-and-roll, so it goes beyond that, but yes, we have to revisit what we want to do on pick-and-rolls."

Stotts is correct in that Portland struggled on the defensive end in other areas besides pick-and-roll coverages, but simply letting Curry dribble into open pull-up 3s doesn't seem like the right strategy moving forward.

Plain and simple, the Warriors are going to attack Enes Kanter relentlessly in several different ways.

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Your move, Blazers.

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