Based on Steph Curry's answer to his question after Game 2, Bob Myers ‘was kinda pissed at him'


Steph Curry returned in Game 2 vs the Pelicans and racked up 28 points in just over 27 minutes.

He made his first two 3-pointers and sent Oracle Arena into a frenzy.

But going back to last Saturday -- how close was Curry to suiting up for Game 1?

On Wednesday afternoon, Warriors GM Bob Myers broke it all down on 95.7 The Game.

"We had a sense that if he got through Friday well, he would make a push -- which any competitive human being would -- to play," Myers explained. "The thing we have going for us is we've been here before, and so if you're smart you learn from things that you dealt with in the past.

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"So we just kind of challenged Steph and I talked to him privately and we all collaborated with Chelsea and Steve. And I said to Steph: 'Look, you know better than anybody what's right here. I admire you wanting to play but it doesn't behoove you or anybody to come back a few days early if we can get through Saturday and you'll be back.'

"Again, like anybody that's competitive -- he digested what we had to say and it's hard for Steph to overcome the powerful triumverate of Chelsea, myself and Steve. We were always aligned and all on the same page."

Did Curry beg for the triumverate to let him take the floor?

"To his credit, I think he's smart enough now. He didn't push in the way he pushed last time," Myers said. "Through all that we've been through with Steph, he's also smarter. So after the game last night, I went up to him, and the first thing out of his mouth in the locker room, he goes: 'You guys are smart ... not playing me in Game 1 -- that was the right thing to do.'"

Myers then asked Curry to compare how he felt when he came back in Game 4 at Portland in 2016 vs coming back on Tuesday night.

"Not close," Curry said.

"And I said, 'Man, you didn't tell us!' I was kinda pissed at him," Myers said. "I was under the assumption that when he came back in Portland a couple years ago that he was better.

"But like any competitive person does, they play hurt sometimes and want to come back. That's the past, it doesn't matter.

"But the good news was, he said: 'I'm feeling much better and much more powerful and healthy than I did last time.'"

Good stuff...

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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