Ball don't lie? Warriors still lose to Rockets after questionable call


Three words Rasheed Wallace made famous came back to bite the Warriors in Thursday's loss to the Houston Rockets.

Ball. Don't. Lie. 

With about 29 seconds remaining, Kevin Durant appeared to save a loose ball that was headed out-of-bounds. He tapped the ball to Klay Thompson, who assisted Stephen Curry's ensuing 18-foot pull-up to give the Warriors a 134-132 lead.

We say appeared to save, becuase replays revealed Durant was out-of-bounds himself. 

The play was not reviewed, as the referees can "only initiate a review on a called out-of-bounds play ... and only those involving doubt as to which player caused the ball to go out," according to the NBA's instant replay guidelines. 

Not that Durant needed official confirmation to know he was out-of-bounds. 

"I could believe it because the refs were missing a lot tonight," Durant said about the call. "They missed a lot in general, so you could easily fool them."

Unfortunately for the Warriors, Wallace's famous credo held true. Rockets star James Harden nailed the game-winning 3-pointer with seconds left on the clock, and Durant's desperation triple ultimately fell short.  

The Warriors learned 'Sheed's words of wisdom the hard way on Thursday. They probably won't forget them any time soon, either. 

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