Astonishing stat shows just how dominant Steph was in Finals


Steph Curry’s dominance in the 2022 NBA Finals spoke for itself, but one jaw-dropping stat shows just how good the greatest shooter of all time really was as he earned his fourth ring.

En route to his first Finals MVP award, Curry averaged 31.2 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists through six games against the Boston Celtics. Of his 66 field goals made, nearly half of those (31) were 3-pointers.

But what if they weren’t? That’s where things become even more incredible than Curry’s stats on-paper.

That’s right -- Curry’s 187 total points throughout the Finals would have been 156 points if every three was a two-point shot. The series’ lead scorer behind Curry was Jaylen Brown, who tallied 141 points across the six games.

When you factor in Curry’s abnormal Game 5, where he didn’t hit any threes and only scored 16 points, it makes his Finals scoring totals all the more impressive.

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Add that to the doubt the Warriors faced as they sought their seventh NBA title, injuries Curry suffered throughout the season and questions about his own legacy, and it’s clear that Curry is in fact one of the best to ever play the game.

And as Dub Nation looks ahead to the upcoming season, they can rest assured he’s not done yet.

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