Andre Iguodala reveals gritty details about last season's knee injury


With just under eight minutes remaining in Game 3 of last season's Western Conference finals, Andre Iguodala hurt his left knee.

He missed the Warriors' next six games before returning for Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

"The injury kind of bothered me because there was a lot going on behind closed doors that was bothering me," Iguodala told Mark Medina of the Bay Area News Group. "I hadn’t missed a playoff game my entire career. It isn’t about waiting around. I know what it was. A lot of people knew what it was. But I just went along with it.

"Whatever you say it is, a bruise or whatever, I should be back day to day. But I know it wasn’t day to day. All right, cool. Players can fold under that type of scrutiny ... if I can’t talk to ya’ll, I’m isolated. That can do some damage to players. I’ve seen it firsthand. Guys fold and don’t attempt to come back. But I tried to keep the right mindset. I had the ‘whatever’ mentality where I don’t really care."

What was bothering Iguodala behind closed doors?

“I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus," Iguodala answered. "Everybody has the same goal at the end of the day." 

So, what exactly happened to Iguodala's knee?

"I had a spider fracture," the 2015 NBA Finals MVP said. "It was like a spider web with cracks. It depends on whose eyes were looking at it. If you wrote that, someone could say, ‘No it wasn’t.’ But the person who said it was, said it was that. It’s one of those things.”

Well, well, well. This certainly is ... interesting stuff.

Iguodala also revealed that the recovery timeline was three to five weeks. He returned about 2.5 weeks later ...

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