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Iguodala offers level-headed take on Warriors vs. '04 Pistons debate

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Defensive guru and Warriors legend Andre Iguodala gave his opinion on the hypothetical matchup between the 2004 Detroit Pistons and the 2017 Warriors, and what he said was surprising.

Speaking on the "Point Forward Podcast," Iguodala weighed in on former Pistons forward/center Rasheed Wallace’s claim that the 2004 Detroit squad, would beat the legendary 2017 Golden State team.

“Sheed actually has some good points because I played against him,” Iguodala said. “Now, would we have won? Yes, but that team probably would have given us more problems than any other team. Their starting five would be a good matchup but the score would be 80-something to 80-something right? So they keep talking about us defensively, like how much defense would we have to really worry about if they only scored 80-something points, right?”

Iguodala then went on to explain that the real advantage the Warriors would have in a theoretical game against the Pistons would be the depth on the bench, with Golden State having a raft of talented players that could adapt to any situation.

“You don’t really hear too much about our bench and the stuff we did so Shaun Livingston, myself, [Leandro] Barbosa like we had so many interesting lineups and then they keep forgetting about Zaza [Pachulia],” Iguodala explained. “In terms of like his toughness, so Zaza would have been a great matchup for the Pistons. And JaVale [McGee] actually was really good for us. They think about the core which is what you should think about but we had a really good bench.”

While the 2004 Pistons squad was known for its stingy defense, the 2017 Warriors had one of the best rosters in the history of the league from an offensive standpoint.

Between Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson you had three of the best shooters the league has ever seen. Couple that with Draymond Green and Iguodala’s incredible defensive acumen along with a deep and talented bench and it’s easy to see why the team romped through the playoffs with a 16-1 record.

Taking all of that into account, it’s unlikely that the Pistons could contain the Warriors offense in a full seven-game championship series.

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