Andre believes Steph is ‘best point guard of all-time'


Andre Iguodala believes that this Warriors championship has “a lot of weight.” 

He’s won four in Golden State now – the first in 2015 when he played a starring role, winning Finals MVP. In 2017 and 2018, Iguodala was a pivotal bench player. 

In 2022 – his second stint with the Warriors after a season with the Miami Heat – 38-year-old Iguodala didn’t play much, but still provided key guidance as a veteran. 

And through it all, he’s defended Steph Curry’s legacy.

Iguodala told reporters after the Warriors closed out the Finals with a 103-90 Game 6 win over the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on Thursday that Curry solidified himself as the “best point guard of all-time,” winning his first Finals MVP.

Iguodala said that with each championship, the critics lobbed more and more shots at the Warriors. That Curry didn’t have a Finals MVP. That Kevin Durant joining the Warriors was unfair. 

“You go a year when they won 15 games, last year not being able to get to the playoffs,” Iguodala said. “For everything to come back together the way it did with me leaving, and then coming back. Different role, different capacity and then having amazing teammates.”

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Ultimately, Iguodala circled back to Curry answering the bell and silencing the doubters. Iguodala was among the first big names to sign with the Warriors as a free agent back in 2013 after Curry and the then-upstart Warriors beat his Denver Nuggets in the playoffs the previous year.

Nearly a decade later, he remains just as sold on the greatness of Steph Curry.

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