Alfonzo McKinnie's contract in Mexico included a very interesting perk


The Alfonzo McKinnie Story just keeps getting better and better.

You know the nuts and bolts -- he played in Luxembourg and Mexico and had to pay his own fee just to try out for the Windy City Bulls of the G League.

And now, he's playing big minutes for the Golden State Warriors and is shooting 60 percent (12-for-20) from 3-point range.

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But let's circle back to his time in Mexico. From May 20, 2016 to July 12, 2016, McKinnie appeared in 25 games for Rayos de Hermosillo. He averaged 15.4 points and 7.3 rebounds, while shooting over 58 percent from the field and 36 percent from deep.

But the most interesting aspect of his time in Mexico comes courtesy of Scott Cacciola of The New York Times:

Alfonzo McKinnie was not exactly getting rich playing basketball for Rayos de Hermosillo in Mexico’s top league, but his contract did include one perk: 40 percent off wings at a sports bar not far from the arena. So McKinnie would plant himself in front of a big-screen TV with a plate of wings, and watch the Golden State Warriors compete in the N.B.A. playoffs without him, which was understandable since the Warriors had never heard of him.

Was it unlimited wings? Why did the deal only include wings? What about sandwiches or hamburgers or drinks? His agent clearly failed him with this contract (sarcasm font).

If he keeps playing like this, it's probably safe to assume that McKinnie won't be paying for a meal around the Bay Area for the foreseeable future...

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