Why Mike Krukow believes Giants, Farhan Zaidi aren't on five-year plan


"There's always next year," is the redundant saying of many organizations no matter the sport. But when it comes to the Giants, those words are more imperative than ever. 

Will they do it next year? In three years? Five years? "It," meaning their hopes of making the playoffs. For Mike Krukow, he's all about living in the now -- just as Farhan Zaidi is.

"I love this about Farhan Zaidi, he said 'I don't believe in the three or five-year rebuild plan,'" Krukow explained recently to The Athletic's Tim Kawkami on "The TK Show." "'I believe in trying to be the best possible team you can possibly be and try and catch fire.' That's something you learn with Billy Beane and it's something he was adamant about every time we discussed this year."

The Giants' longtime broadcaster believes the 2019 Giants were "way ahead" of how they were the previous season, and a lot of that had to do with the number of up-and-coming prospects the team has.

Zaidi, the Giants' president of baseball operations, said from the beginning that fans should pay attention to the younger faces that are coming through. New players like Mike Yastrzemski and Mauricio Dubon made an impact last year, and are set up for success in 2020.

"That alone gives your organization strength," Krukow added.

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That, along with the new managerial staff, will offer up hope and the new set of eyes should get Giants fans excited for the future.

"I think because of those things, they're in a situation where they could catch fire."

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