What Giants' Bruce Bochy remembers about first MLB call-up as player


It’s every young baseball player’s dream.

Getting that phone call from your manager telling you that you’ve been called up to the major leagues.

Now that Bochy is finally hanging up his cleats after over 40 years in the MLB as both a player and manager, he got a chance to reflect on that fateful day when his number was called for the first time.

“Do I remember? That’s one of the biggest moments of my life,” Bochy told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Amy Gutierrez in an interview that will air during the hourlong "Toast to Boch" special on Saturday. “I mean as a kid, that’s what you dream about.

“I’m trying to make the Triple-A team, and I don’t make the Triple-A team, and not only make it, I’m going to Double-A in Columbus, Georgia. I just got married in January, making $750 a month, and I go to Double-A to be the backup catcher.”

Bochy was having doubts about whether he wanted to continue full-time with baseball, but after being talked into staying, he finally was given the opportunity he always imagined.

“Lo and behold, July 19 (1978), I’m called up the big leagues from Double-A, from Columbus, Georgia,” Bochy said. “I got some hits, and played pretty good because when they first called me up, they said ‘you’re here for 10 days, so don’t unpack.'

“And then I end up playing well, and I was up the rest of the year, and then getting over nine years as a player.”

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The Giants manager ended up hitting .266 with 15 RBI in 54 games with the Houston Astros in 1978.

Over nine seasons with the Astros, New York Mets, and San Diego Padres, Bochy played in 358 games behind the plate before retiring in 1987.

"Toast to Boch" airs Saturday, Sept. 28 on NBC Sports Bay Area at 5 p.m., following the conclusion of "Giants Postgame Live."

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