Watch Hunter Pence's inspiring shirtless Dominican winter ball speech


Hope you had less than one week in your “When will a shirtless Hunter Pence rock a huge medallion while giving a motivational speech” pool.

It took the former Giants outfielder only that long to make an impression on his new Dominican Republic winter ball teammates.

So, ignore the one f-bomb and let Pence get you through hump day in this inspirational video.

Evidently, the huge T medallion goes to Toros del Este’s player of the day, and Pence was the pick Tuesday night after a 5-4 win over Águilas Cibaeñas.

Pence told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Jessica Kleinschmidt last week that he was looking forward to playing in the DR, and he wanted teams, including the Giants, to see his new swing and running style. He’s off to a good start with those changes, going 5 for 11 in three games with one double, two RBI and one stolen base.

What definitely hasn’t changed is Pence’s passion — the video makes that clear. So, maybe the Giants will decide their young outfielders need a mentor with championship pedigree, and that Pence farewell at AT&T Park two months ago will have been premature.

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