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Watch Bonds become emotional during Giants' Willie Mays tribute

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Every single person at Oracle Park on Monday night -- regardless of the team they were rooting or playing for -- soaked in the emotions of San Francisco's moving pregame ceremony to honor Willie Mays.

But perhaps no one felt the emotions as strongly as fellow Giants great Barry Bonds did.

As the Giants played a special tribute video to Mays on the jumbotron before Monday's series opener against the Chicago Cubs, cameras captured Bonds -- like many others -- unable to hide his emotions from the touching homage.

Bonds repeatedly tilted his head down and shook it in agony as his eyes grew watery. Eventually, he couldn't stop the tears from falling down his face as he gently wiped them away.

Mays, regarded as the greatest player of all time, passed away last Tuesday at the age of 93.

To Bonds, though, the baseball icon was so much more.

Mays was Bonds' godfather and inspiration both on and off the field. Shortly after his passing, Bonds shared a heartfelt post to his Instagram page.

"I am beyond devastated and overcome with emotion," Bonds wrote. "I have no words to describe what you mean to me -- you helped shape me to be who I am today. Thank you for being my Godfather and always being there. Give my dad a hug for me. Rest in peace Willie, I love you forever."

Giants players and coaches wore a No. 24 jersey for Monday's game. It was a small effort to continue the legacy of someone who left such a large impact on the organization, the city and life.

And Bonds will hope to do the same.

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