Why MLB insider believes Bauer could be good fit with Giants


I’ll say it again … Trevor Bauer … to the Giants?

It’s actually not as crazy as you might think. 

MLB.com insider Mark Feinsand stopped by the Balk Talk Podcast on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of the NL Cy Young candidate coming to San Francisco, and other Giants news.

“Well, the Giants have money, and that’s not really an argument or a question,” Feinsand said. “We know they have money they can spend, it’s a matter or how they want to spend it.”

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However, next offseason might be more interesting for a player who would benefit from a long-term contract, due to the effect the coronavirus pandemic could have on this year's free-agent class. While Bauer is open to long contracts, he made that very clear, he also has said he wants to do one-year deals for the rest of his career. Given the weirdness of this offseason, that type of uncertainty could benefit a team like the Giants.

“We know next winter is when a lot of money comes off the books with a lot of those long-term guys,” Feinsand said. “Next winter you expect the Giants to be major players in free agency, that said, if they decide they can make one last run with that core, Bauer could be a guy going after, Either on a one-year offer or on a multi-year offer.”

Bauer had an impressive season, boasting an NL-leading 1.73 ERA with 100 strikeouts in 73 innings. That's good enough for a 0.795 WHIP and 276 ERA+. 

“That said, it’s a different kind of market, I could see him taking a one-year deal with a very high AAV (average annual value) and that whole ‘betting on yourself’ concept, putting up another good year, going out into free agency next year when maybe there’s more money out there to be had. Bauer would be a natural fit,” Feinsand said.

“The Giants obviously are in a very tough division, Dodgers just won the World Series, the Padres just took big steps forward this season getting into the playoffs, but the D-backs and the Rockies have taken a bit of a step back, so there is an opening there for the Giants to contend, and obviously, if they want to contend, adding the top starting pitcher on the market would be a good start,” Feinsand said.

Indeed, if the Giants can take advantage of the rebuilding Rockies and Diamondbacks in 2021, their chances of contending would greatly increase in the tough NL West that still includes the reigning champion Los Angeles Dodgers and uber-talented San Diego Padres. A Giants team that has hopes of contending potentially could tantalize Bauer, given his hopes to win a title.

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You never know, and only time will tell.

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