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Pete Rose questions why Bonds isn't in Baseball Hall of Fame


There was no Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony this year, but the voting process will go on, which means we'll once again get a reminder next January of just how ridiculous it is that Barry Bonds isn't enshrined in Cooperstown. 

Bonds isn't the only all-time great on the outside looking in, though, and during an appearance on 95.7 The Game on Tuesday, career hits leader Pete Rose said it's politics that is making the difference right now. 

Rose was banned from the Hall of Fame after it was revealed that he bet on baseball games. Bonds is being punished for steroid use, and in eight years on the ballot, the home run king has never gotten close to the 75 percent needed for induction.

"There's a lot of politics involved. When I think of the Hall of Fame, I think that Barry Bonds is not in there. How?" Rose said on "Steiny, Guru & Dibs."

"How is not Barry Bonds in the Hall of Fame? How is Roger Clemens, who won seven Cy Youngs, not in the Hall of Fame? Or how about me, I've got the most hits, I've got the most a lot of things, and we're not in the Hall of Fame. Does that damper the Hall of Fame, the fact that the guy with the most home runs and the guy with the most Cy Youngs and the guy with the most hits aren't part of that fraternity?"

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Bonds got 60.7 percent of the vote this year. With two years remaining on the ballot he needs a huge shift in voting patterns to have any shot. The seven-time MVP has seen just incremental gains since jumping past 50 percent in 2017.

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