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Webb hilariously reveals he isn't grandma's favorite Giants player

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There's nothing like a grandmother's love, and Giants ace Logan Webb is blessed with two who support him all season long.

But despite Webb's accolades, his grandmas have a favorite player on San Francisco's roster -- and it isn't their grandson.

"They came to the game last night, and they love Wilmer Flores," Webb told Chris Rose on the latest episode of "The Chris Rose Rotation" podcast. "Wilmer Flores is their favorite player, more than me. They like Wilmer more than me."

Webb explained to Rose that his grandmas -- his mom's mom and dad's mom -- moved in together just over a decade ago after losing both of their husbands in back-to-back years. Webb affectionately refers to them as the "team grandmas," and revealed they wanted nothing more than to meet Flores before the Giants utilityman made their dreams come true.

"And they've been asking me forever, 'Can we meet Wilmer? Can we meet Wilmer?' Finally I'm like, OK," Webb continued. "Because he was getting treatment, I was like, I don't want to bother him. He's sitting there eating, and I said, 'Hey papi, do you care if you meet my grandmas? They love you.'

"And Wilmer's the best. He was like, 'Yeah, of course.' So he went out there and made my grandmas' night. They absolutely loved it. Wilmer's the best for doing it. It's just funny that all they want to do is meet Wilmer. That's it. They'll come to games just to meet Wilmer."

It's no surprise Webb's grandmas love Flores, after the 32-year-old enjoyed a career year last season with a .284/.355/.509 slash line and 23 home runs. He's still looking for his first long ball of 2024, but it certainly shouldn't be long -- especially with the two Webb matriarchs' support.

So, now that Webb's beloved grandmothers have met their idol, does the pitcher slide back into the No. 1 ranking?

"They're going to find a new player now," Webb said with a laugh. "It will be someone else. It will be Blake Snell or [Matt] Chapman or somebody."

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