How Posey assesses Giants' disappointing 2022 season


If there's anyone who can offer a level-headed response to the Giants' disappointing 2022 season, it's Buster Posey. 

The former Giants catcher joined KNBR 680's "Murph & Mac" on Tuesday, where he provided his assessment of his former team's season.

"The most simplistic view for me, is you have to remember it's a really hard game," Posey said. "We can break down and get as detailed as you want to. And sometimes, it's known as a game of inches and that can be inches on the field or inches off the field, whatever that may be. But it's a really hard game. A 95-win season or an 80-win season sometimes is not as far off as you think it is and sometimes there's a tendency to hit the panic button when you have a bad stretch of two, three, four months, which I get it.

"We all want to win 107 games every year, but I always think, too, that you're not as far off as you may feel and sometimes when you do have a great year, maybe you're not as far off as having a poor year as you may think. And that's why I think the organizations that are consistent year in and year out, I just have great respect for them, I've always respected the way the Giants have gone about it."

Posey, of all people, should know that all bets are off in October. For an organization that has a history of never-say-die attitudes, Posey believes the Giants should finish the season strong, see where it lands them and prepare for another title run next season if they are unable to claim one of the final NL Wild Card spots. 

"There's no secret at some point every organization is going through some sort of reboot or retool, but from a fan's perspective, you still want to feel competitive," Posey explained. "I would hate to go into a season and not feel competitive. I think if you can try and finish this year strong, you never know what can happen and crazier things have happened. Then go into next year with the attitude 'Hey, we're going to win the division.' That was our attitude in 2021 and people said that within the clubhouse because people would have laughed at us outside of the clubhouse, but that was our mission to start that season and it's one we accomplished, so I just think it's a hard game and at times certain situations tend to be overblown."

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The Giants were eight and a half games back of the San Diego Padres for the final Wild Card spot prior to Tuesday's game against their division rival. The odds are looking slimmer by the day, but technically, there is enough time to make up ground and potentially make things interesting.

If not, Posey and the Giants will look forward to a much more competitive season in 2023. 

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